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No agenda.
No bureaucracy.
Just a clear picture.

When you need eyes on the ground: we exist to support organisations and individuals trying to protect and restore the earth. We leave the screen behind and get you the hard evidence.

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The earth is a big place, with much of it hard to get to.


Which can be inconvenient – when you’re trying to drive sustainability or target bad practice. The facts you need can be hard to get.

That’s why Green Room has been created.

We call it ‘groundtruthing’: independently investigating, assessing and offering a way forward.

Drawing on decades of global journalistic experience, the result is a rapid report in language that everyone can understand.

When you can’t be there: Green Room can.

Think of a remote and difficult location, and Green Room founder Claire Marshall may well have worked there.


From negotiating rebel checkpoints in Haiti and dodging mortar attacks in Baghdad, to investigating drug wars in Mexico, she has reported from the most hostile environments.

Over the last ten years as BBC Environment correspondent, Claire has picked her way through palm oil plantations in Papua New Guinea, challenged bear hunters in Alaska – and descended to the sea bed of the Antarctic in a little submarine to film species new to science.

This experience will help you to find the truth you need.

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